Type FreakAngel
Gender male
State alive
First Episode 1, page 3

Connor is a major protagonist and a member of The FreakAngels.

Character HistoryEdit

Born and HuntedEdit

Connor was one of twelve children born in England on the same day and exact time. In his teenage years, he and the other FreakAngels were chased by the police and the military because of their unusual birth and powers, and were forced to live in hiding from their pursuers, until the incident where they destroyed Britain.

Volume OneEdit

Six years later, Connor is something like a leader of the group (minus Mark).


Like all FreakAngels, wields psychic abilities that are powerful and refined on her own, but when amplified by her friends, they can cause massive destruction. Among them are telekinesis, telepathy, and some degree of clairvoyance.

Connor can project an image of himself onto window panes, and speak with people that way[1].

References Edit

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