Lambeth Boy
Type Human
Gender Male
State Alive
First Episode 1, page 2

 The Lambeth Boy is a minor background character, originating from the so-named district located in Central London, England.

Character HistoryEdit

At the beginning of Volume 1, the Lambeth Boy is found sleeping next to KK in a dilapidated apartment after she wakes up naked after a night of drunkedness. After stealking his half of the blanket, KK notices his back scars and wonders where he came from. After Conner telepathically notifies her of Alice, KK gets ready and tries to wake up the Lambeth Boy, but decides against it and leaves. Later, it was revealed that Arkady had a psychic vision prior to this about KK making love with a teenaged boy from the "Lambeth Road". This of course becomes something of an in-joke among the FreakAngels, which annoys KK greatly.