Type FreakAngel
Gender Female
State Alive
First Episode 6, page 2

Sirkka is a major protagonist and a member of the FreakAngels.

Character HistoryEdit

Born and HuntedEdit

Sirkka was one of twelve children born in England on the same day and exact time. Nothing much was known of her childhood, but she gained psychic powers upon her birth and was very close to the other FreakAngels. In her teenage years, she and the other FreakAngels were chased by the police and the military because of their unusual birth and powers, and were forced to live in hiding from their pursuers.

Tired of being hunted, Sirkka, Mark, and the others used their psychic powers to flood England, intending to scare their enemies into not chasing them anymore. Unfortunately, the incident drove Mark to insanity after realizing what he had done and he used his powers to mentally control dozens of innocent people. Sirkka and the others voted to exile Mark from their group, but his absence ultimately drove the FreakAngels apart because without him the group was incomplete.

Volume OneEdit

Six years later, Sirkka works as a psychologist of some sort, using her psychic powers to help the traumas gained by abuse victims. However, her methods have sexual nature, and she ends up amassing a harem of both boys and girls. This frustrates Jack, who was her boyfriend since their teenage years, but vents his frustration on Sirkka's promiscuous nature by patrolling Whitechapel on his personal boat.


Like all FreakAngels, Sirkka wields psychic abilities that are powerful and refined on her own, but when amplified by her friends, they can cause massive destruction. Among them are telekinesis, which she can produce forcefields with, and telepathy, which she mostly uses to communicate with the other FreakAngels. She can also use some degree of clairvoyance to mentally sense events outside her range of ocular vision.

Sirkka's most notable usage of telepathic ability is mentally wiping an abuse victim of the traumas gained from their experiences. While the purpose is benevolent, she used it to create a harem of her own, to the dismay of the other FreakAngels, especially Jack.