- Introduction from FreakAngels, Vol. 1

The FreakAngels are a group of twelve children born in England within the same time and same day from each other. Unlike other children born in England, the FreakAngels were gifted with powerful psychic abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, weather manipulation, teleportation and so forth. These abilities can be further enhanced to the point of massive destruction when all twelve combine their powers into one single effort.

In their childhood, the FreakAngels used to be very close that people thought they were related by blood; in truth they shared a special bond due to their psychic powers that allowed them to know each other better than others. However, their strange and unusual birth gained national attention, until they were finally deemed as a potential threat. The FreakAngels spent most of their lives hunted by military and police forces, who either wanted to control or eliminate the children.

This came to a head when while hiding from patrolling helicoptors, the FreakAngels grew tired of being chased like rats and collectively used their powers to flood London, intending to scare their enemies into submission so they wouldn't hunt them anymore. Unfortunately, after the event, Mark grew paranoid of being chased even further until he went insane, and started using his powers to control people to achieve his own goals. The other FreakAngels, horrified by this, cast Mark out of their group; Karl and Kirk followed him and eliminated him to prevent further problems with his mind control.

Eventually the remaining FreakAngels grew so disheartened by the absence of Mark and unintentionally causing massive genocide in an English city that they went their seperate ways. What remained of the group would start a small community in Whitechapel, with the FreakAngels acting as the guardians.

Name First Appearance
Arkady episode 08, page 4
Carolyn episode 13, page 1
Connor episode 01, page 3
Jack episode 14, page 6
Kait episode 32, page 1
Karl episode 03, page 1
Kirk episode 07, page 1
KK episode 01, page 1
Luke episode 04, page 1
Miki episode 28, page 1
Mark episode 73, page 4
Sirkka episode 06, page 2